Research & Monitoring - Surface water quality

The EICD has been able to monitor surface water quality in 9 of the District's waterways for approximately 5 years. This work has been completed with the financial and technical assistance of Manitoba Water Stewardship and the Water Stewardship Fund.

Based on the data we have gathered, the District has been able to compile a relative health rating for our streams.

Note: This WQI only reflects the relative health of waterways within the EICD and may not be directly comparable to other indices.  Willow Creek was not sampled in 2007
These results are based on 22 seperate water quality parameters that have been summarized into one value that is meant to indicate watershed health.
Based on the results, it can be seen that the Grassmere and Parks Creek watersheds have seen the highest levels of pollution.
Raw water quality data are available for: