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05SB Willow Creek
05SC Icelandic River and Washow Bay Creek
05SD Fisher River

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Planning - 05OJ Netley-Grassmere

Watershed 05OJ
 The Netley-Grassmere (05OJ) IWMP was initiated in 2008 and a final version of the plan is available HERE 
The initial steps in creating a viable watershed management plan is to ask the public what issues are of concern to them. This was done in June 2008, when the EICD hosted four public open houses.
Progress in Brief:
  • Public consultations held in June 2008
  • Watershed stakeholder input recieved from:
    • NGOs
    • Government
  • Watershed tour and discussion of issues identified by public held on November 5, 2008 (invite only)
  • Release of public issue statements
  • Development of actions and address concerns raised by public
  • Review of action plan by a team of approximatley 20 experts in their fields
  • Compilation of a watershed characterization report
  • Revision of actions based on expert opinion
  • Plan completed
  • Plan approved by the Minister of Water Stewardship

Public input regarding concerns/issues within the watershed have been summarized and are available HERE.
All individual responses were recorded, word for word, and are available in PDF for:
Information about the watershed is available in a Watershed Characterization document which can be downloaded HERE.