Research & Monitoring - Waterway Surveys

In order to understand the surface water flow dynamics within our watersheds, the EICD has complete detailed surveys in a number of waterways throughout the district. The data is being digitized so that it can be viewed using Google Earth, making it easily accessible for all residents and stakeholders. Information and pictures of culverts, crossings and elevation profiles of waterways are being displayed on each survey map.
So far we have completed survey in the following watersheds:

EICD Watershed

Embedded Google Map Web Plug-in
The Google Map Plug-in allows you to navigate and explore geographical data using a web browser. You may need to first install Google Earth Plug-in to use the embedded application.
You can either ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT using the scroll wheel on the mouse within the embedded Google Earth. A legned could also be found on the upper left-hand corner of each map. There are pop-up tables and photos associated with culverts, crossing and profiles of the waterway. For example, culvert information (Size, condition, and elevation) could be viewed by CLICKING on either the obvert or the invert icon. To view a phtoto of a culvert, CLICK on the blue hexagon, a popup menu will show preview of the image. If you click on the previewed image, it will transfer you to a zoomed in picture of the culvert.
In order to go back to the embedded Google Map page, RIGHT CLICK on the webpage frame that is not covered by the image, and choose BACK to go back to the overall embedded map view.
Standalone Google Earth
If you have Google Earth on your PC or Mac, a Google KMZ file for each waterway survey project could also be downloaded. Additional tutorial of how to use standalone Google Earth can be found here.